“The God’s Greatness Show serves one core purpose and that is to glorify God. Everything we do is giving him the glory that is due Him. We aim to help motivate, inspire,push, and progress you on your journey in life and in your relationship with God.  The message we bring is grounded in the word of God. We discuss topics that Christians deal with , have dealt with, or will deal with at some point in the journey and how to overcome them. We give tips and pointers in way to get closer to God, where we can find strength in His word, And how we can spiritually closer to our Heavenly Father. We provide scripture in the word to support our stance on topics because it is the ultimate guidance God has left here for us. We show you in the word where flavor promises to take care of us, give us strength, direct our lives, care for us, love for us, and so much more ! We are bringing to light the things and tools God has provided for us to succeed in our Christian journeys! We hope you enjoy the message, absorb the message, and apply the message to your life most importantly!”

The God’s Greatness Show is Created and Hosted by Shaquel Polacek. Our ultimate goal is to deliver you an AWESOME message grounded in the Holy Word of God designed to motivate and inspire you on your journey and progress, and push you in your relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! We aim to build you and keep your journey going in Christ! We Love the Lord with all our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls this way! We just want to draw people to the Lord!

Welcome to Episode 23 where I draw connections in the Word to show you the relationship between God and Love! Also we discuss God’s love working in your life along with combating fear! This message is a powerful so be to pay attention!

The Protection of God is real! We serve an awesome God who will never leave us nor forsake us! This episode is right on time considering all that is going on! So find comfort and peace in knowing God is our Protector! Support the show on Patreon!

As we make the decision to follow the Lord trials and test become unavoidable. The great thing is God has provide the Book of Life, His Holy Word! This is an episode dedicated to the encouragement of everyone in order to build you up and keep your journey going in Christ! Support our Patreon ❗️😊🙏🏽

Part II of the message we have been dealing with on the Favor of God and the Story of Joseph! This message will definitely apply to many people listening so don’t hesitate to listen in and share with friends!

The favor of God! Hallelujah for it! Listen in as our host dig into the story of Joseph and how God have Him favor ! Trust and believe He can do the same for you! So let’s talk about it!

Hope is what keeps us holding on in life; what pulls us through any fight. The belief that better is coming and it will all be worked out. But how do we go on when hope is lost? Let’s talk about it!

The Amazing Grace of God! What is the Grace of God? 🤔What role does it play in our lives? 👀How we access the Grace of God? 🧐You don’t know? 🤨Well that’s perfectly fine! Let’s talk about it‼️

Our WJHM102JAMZ.com radio launch episode is on Obedience! I say again OBEDIENCE to the word of God! This is a choice YOU must make in YOUR heart and I promise you the blessings will start pouring in ! Praise God🙌🏽 I know from experience so let’s talk about it!
Patience can make or break a lot for you in life! It can make you act in a way that places you in a bad place when you’re not patient. But luckily for us our awesome God has given us guidance on patience so let’s talk about it!