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Lastest Five Shows

The buds discuss mass-surveillance technology that The Pentagon is currently using over six U.S. states. A new unsettling technology that allows them to physically watch an entire city from the skies above.

The buds discuss the recent arrest and detainment on NY rapper ASAP ROCKY in Sweeden.The viral video has caused quite a stir, and its possible he faces jail time abroad. What should his punishment be, if any? Plus our unique segments: "Pioneers in Pot" "The Drug Screening" "Week in Weed" "Burns my high" "CMUNCHIES" "Higher Learning "

The buds discuss Elon Musk's latest update on Nuralink! Will we be able to control things with our minds?? Join us to find out! Jb keeps us informed on the latest in cannabis, world wide. Cmoney shares a recipe perfect for summer parties And Frank the Tank dishes out knowledge on what foods we should be staying away from!