We feature a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, and politics. Energetic and funny, we keep fans informed about current events and the latest trends in social media and entertainment. The Podheads are active advocates for legal Cannabis. With new episodes all the time, our fans can keep up with all things 4/20 related. If you are pro marijuana, or just enjoy listening to funny people with interesting views on a variety of subjects, then get in the Cypher with The Podheads!!!

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The buds discuss how quarentine has been affecting them. Including cannabis shortages, conspiracies involving Disney, and how the hell we ended up with Trump vs Biden.

The buds talk April Fools history, pranks and personal experiences with the holiday.

The buds talk about Corey Feldman's Documentary and who he alleges raped him and Corey Haim back in the 80s.

Rosie from RCastro Management, a talent manager and fellow podcaster stops by to get lit with the budz. This episode, we got a woman's perspective on women's rights, and Harvey Weinstein.

The buds talk Disney suing an elementary school, and whether or not it's okay to have sex in others' houses. Plus,

Cyndi and Brandee from WorldScout swing by to tell everyone about The very first WorldScout Music Expo! An exposition dedicated to helping new talent get opportunities to have their music heard by the pros! Plus Speakers, Seminars and Panel Discussions designed to help shoot your career to the next level.

The buds talk Space Force, The race between AI and Bioengineering and Living Robots. This one gets weird folks.

The buds discuss what trending shows themselves, and even president Obama have been binge watching starting off 2020. Plus everything you need to know to be ready for an awesome 2020.

The buds discuss the recent mass hacking through RING, a popular camera system used by homeowners.

The buds discuss the chef that used a narwhal tusk to help stop a terrorist attack. JB and Frank tell us what other strange objects people have used as weapons.

The budz give their take on Disney's new streaming platform, how much money they spent on it, and whether or not it's right for the company the edit classic content for political correctness.

Drug Cartels wage war on the Mexican Army! The buds talk about Mexico stalling before marijuana legalization takes place. Is cartel violence the cause?

The podheads talk about how much being an adult sucks. CMoney remembers good times on the school bus, while JB relives his nightmarish morning commute. Frank the Tank can't eat anything! In other words. The budz are getting old!

The buds discuss what hilarious and ridiculous lengths people have gone to for internet popularity.

Felicity Huffman gets jail time! Could Lori Loughlin be right behind her? the buds talk about the latest updates involving the college bribery scandal, plus more!

The buds discuss a non physical altercation JB had with what he believes to be a twelve year old blocking the road.

The buds talk about the arrest of Shai Werts, starting QB for Georgia Southern University. Shai was charged with possession of cocaine, after police tested white residue off the hood of his car. What was then later discovered as bird feces?!

The buds discuss mass-surveillance technology that The Pentagon is currently using over six U.S. states. A new unsettling technology that allows them to physically watch an entire city from the skies above.

The buds discuss Elon Musk's latest update on Nuralink! Will we be able to control things with our minds?? Join us to find out! Jb keeps us informed on the latest in cannabis, world wide. Cmoney shares a recipe perfect for summer parties. And Frank the Tank dishes out knowledge on what foods we should be staying away from!

USA USA USA!! The Woman's team WINS the WORLD CUP!! Join us as we talk sports, and share facts about said sports, that you probably didn't know! Makin Cmoney shares his dispensary experience in MASS, and his not so fun experience traveling through Connecticut the buds also talk UFC and the fastest KO in UFC history!!

We are back with Cindi Cooper from World Scout! The buds talk with Cindi about a new exciting opportunity for up and coming artists.

The buds discuss the ongoing Corona virus threat. A young man who died after contracting COVID-19 at one of our Orlando's most popular theme parks. Also one of our budz Paul, an ER nurse on the frontlines during this outbreak calls in to share what he knows about the Corona Virus in Central FL.

The buds inevitably discuss the ongoing Corona Virus scare. Is it the start of an apocalypse?

The buds interview local songwriter and visionary "Ev The GoodFella" to get insight as to what it's like using his faith to fuel his career.

The buds give the inside scoop on what went down at This Year's, WorldScout music expo. From workshops and guest speakers to auditions and after parties, we had full access. Music on this episode from Scarfo56, Bigga$tate, Reeceeraps, King Brasco, and C.R.O.W.N.

The buds interview owner "Bee" of Dat Hoot Smoke Shop. Bee shares the ups and downs of starting your own business, and how to keep pushing through hard times.

The buds talk the ongoing conflict with Iran, and potential World War Three between China, Iran and Russia. Plus the XFL is almost here, find out what set's them apart from the NFL.

It's the end of another decade as the buds recap 2019. The highs (pun intended), the lows, and the ridiculous that took place this past year. Plus what new years resolutions we had for 2019, and what 2020's will be

The buds talk the new fashion trends. What's with men getting their nails done? Is there a line when it comes to self expression?

The budz talk Elon Musk's Cyber Truck and how the Tri Motor measure's up against Ferrari's fastest cars. Will Colin Kaepernick ever play pro football again? Plus more in the cypher with The Podheads.

The buds talk Dion Waiters and his "overdose " on THC gummies. Plus, the poor grandmother that got arrested outside of Walt Disney World for CBD.

Its Halloweed in the studio! The buds talk Halloween traditions and share stories from their childhood. Also some traumatizing costumes.

The buds talk more police corruption, and the shady details following a viral/trending homicide case involving the boys/girls in blue

The buds discuss the recent accusations regarding President Trump and the Ukrainian President.

The buds discuss the recent trades in the NFL, and share details on our fantasy league, The Turkey Bowlers!

The buds discuss the devastating fires annihilating the Amazon rainforest, and what efforts people can do to help the cause.

Episode 16: It's a bird, its a plane, its a... monkey chimera? The buds talk the recent surgical expedition takin place in China, and it gets weird.
Listen to "Epiosde 14 Free ASAP Rocky" on Spreaker.
The buds discuss the recent arrest and detainment on NY rapper ASAP ROCKY in Sweden. The viral video has caused quite a stir, and its possible he faces jail time abroad. What should his punishment be, if any?

AREA 51. Do you think we are alone?? Joe Rogan, Bob Lazar, and Jeremy Corbell are all under fire for possibly sparking this new movement about storming AREA 51..will It happens, probably not, but we can still talk about it!! Are we alone??

The buds talk about remakes of movies. Do you agree or disagree, that there are no new ideas, so the biggest movie studios just streamline remakes to make that money? What happened to new originals!? JB lets us know how New York and New Jersey dropped the ball on recreational marijuana.