Welcome to the mind of Tiberius…

His show is about all the stuff he likes.  Everything from Video Games, Books, Bowling, and Interesting People.  This started as a summer project to get him to do some more reading and writing.  Now it has turned into a real radio show. It has been a year now and people are still listening.  You can see more about Tiberius on his website at www.TheTiberiusShow.com. You can listen Wednesdays at 3:30pm EST on WJHM102Jamz.com

Last Five Shows

The headmaster of The Christ School Dr. Farrant joins Tiberius to celebrate his 100th episode. The talk about what it is like to be in charge of a school, surprises with COVID-19, The Lion Strong virtues, a book about minecraft, a video game based off a board game and even some COVID inspired math. Enjoy this awesome 100th show with Tiberius!!

What does a fashion designer do? What is the process? Why do people get into the business of making clothes? So many questions are answered in the weeks show where Victor Manuel Sanchez visits the show and talks with Tiberius about fashion design, minecraft, dress sizes and patterns, as well as the virtue of obedience.

What can you say about the amazing Scott Fensterer. From sculpting to makeup to production work this guy has done it all. Tiberius learns about so many things and even gets a small boo boo in the process. Learn life lessons and all about this amazing artist!! Oh and there is a video game about crushing cars and a book about zombies and a disussion about leadership.

Deb Woodrow visits the show and talks about massage and scientific notation as well as the virtue of obedience. She reviews a book with Tiberius about Pronghorns as well as a video game about words that blow up!! Also Tiberius gets his first massage!!!

this week we have Commissioner Mayra Uribe on The Tiberius Show to talk about government and being a commissioner, a cool book about a mouse, and a video game about making money, as well as some math and a conversation about having leadership skills in your life. If you want to learn about what government does, this is the show for you.