West Wind is a movement about saving the animals and riding the planet of pollution, our animals are in rapid decline; If we continue ignoring them, 1Million species will disappear in our life time. Alejsol is an international singer from Mexico City, Recognized in Hollywood at the Sue Wong Oscar Gala  receiving his first visionary award in the USA 2020. He likes helping charity foundation like Teleton by Riki Martin raising money for kids with cancer and autism, since he also suffered a horrific knee infection due to pollution of 20Million in his home town. He became an Author with his first book for kids 5-15 it’s a book about his life struggles and how he made it in life and never let his dream die. Now The host of The West Wind radio show. Featuring music, kids ideas and innovation, space exploration and much more .

Exiting times for the new rising star you don’t want to miss it !!Kids are the future wake them up!!

“Alejsol “

West Wind Radio will be airing at 5:00pm Wednesdays EST on WJHM102 Jamz online. Each show is re-aired as a podcast and is available on the station website, Apple iTunes and Google Play & Music. You can also listen to it on the app for Google phones.

Special guest Daniel Whitehurst is a history teacher, singer, author, and a member of The Ill Dragon Entertainment group, featuring his single grown folks music and his daughter Geneva is the kid of week. AlejSol has a some information about space exploration don't miss it. Geneva don't miss her message and host Alejsol

John Baxter is an inventor with the anti aging bed and has new bedding technology also has the largest non profit save the bees foundation. Featuring the song The Fire Starter fresh new hip hop and the kid of the week and much more tune don't miss it!!!With our host Alejsol!!!

Featuring the guest of the week Ell Estill, The best writer and hip hop artist I know with Ill Dragon Entertainment has produced over 30 albums, known as the lyrical priest, with all positive messages for the old and the young. Featuring the kid of the week from our host new book and a young inventor trying to make the world a better place . Don't miss our host Alejsol!!